Kinect Hacking for Artists

If you're a musician or multimedia artist you'll want to read this book about art-hacking with an Xbox 360 Kinect.

It gives you freaky magic powers.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect is an amazing piece of low-cost hardware that brings 3D, real-time, interaction to games.

But it's not just for games; the Kinect can be used to create amazing art and music.

Kinect Hacking for Artists will give everything you need to get up and running.

  • Getting an Xbox 360 Kinect controller
  • Finding and installing key software
  • Understanding depth data
  • Skeleton tracking
  • Getting to the Kinect to talk to your programs
  • Creating music with the Kinect
  • Motion capture
  • Controlling real-time animation

Just the Best Parts: Kinect Hacking for Artists, written by artist/musician/programmer James Britt, will give you the tech chops you need to get rolling with the Kinect for art and music.

It's fun, it's fast, it to the point.

Start reading it now. »

When the book is done it will be available in PDF, mobi, and epub formats.